Finncon 2021 is cancelled

Finncon is the largest science fiction and fantasy literature convention in Finland. Traditionally Finncon has no membership or entry fee, and it is open for everyone who wants to attend. A big part of Finncon is the aspect of being able to meet international guests and fans from other countries, as well as bring a flavour of international fandom to Finland.

The current COVID-19 situation in Finland has a serious impact on event organising. It is clear that events in the Tampere area can only be organised with significant modifications to what we are used to. The number of people attending will need to be limited, people are required to sign up for the event beforehand, and the organisers will need to make a lot of specific planning to take into account the pandemic. This means the costs of the events will go up, and the events will no longer be open for all. In addition, the current restrictions on travel, which are expected to continue, mean inviting international guests and having international fans attend might not be possible at all.

The reality of the situation is that if the event is organised, the logistics and finances means it will not be open for all, large or international. This would not fit the criteria for a Finncon. This is why, with a heavy heart, we have to announce that Finncon will not be organised in Tampere in 2021. The event will be cancelled. The next Finncon will take place in the capital city area in 2022. We are not organising an online Finncon this year either, which means the year 2021 is a leap year for Finncon.

Hopefully the pandemic situation will be significantly improved by next year and we can all meet in the capital city area for Finncon 2022!

On behalf of the Tampere Finncon concom

Karo Leikomaa
Finncon 2021 convention chair